EY Mobility App

In my role, I had the privilege of contributing to the final stages of the EY Mobility logistics application, which serves both EY’s clients and staff. Leading the UI processes, I was entrusted with ensuring that the user journey throughout these apps and systems was intuitive and seamless.

Through meticulous attention to detail and a user-centric approach, I worked to enhance the overall user experience, ensuring that interactions with the application were both efficient and satisfying. This involved refining the interface to optimise usability and intuitiveness, ultimately resulting in a product that met the needs and expectations of its users.

Given the predominantly mobile nature of this application, extensive user testing was imperative to ensure its efficacy, particularly in the context of travelers’ needs. We identified numerous areas within the app that warranted thorough testing to guarantee its refinement into a polished product.

Through comprehensive user testing, we were able to gather valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points. This allowed us to iteratively refine the app, addressing any usability issues and optimizing features to better align with the needs of travelers.

By prioritising user feedback and insights gleaned from testing, we were able to iteratively improve the app, ultimately delivering a polished product that provided a seamless and satisfying experience for users, even while on the go.

Mobile designs

Desktop designs