PlayStation Communities

PlayStation Communities serves as the central hub for fans to engage in discussions surrounding all things PlayStation. With the primary goal of migrating to a new platform, this project presented an opportunity to reassess and enhance the overall flow and aesthetics of the site.

Throughout the migration process, we carefully scrutinized the site’s existing flow, identifying areas for improvement and modernization. Leveraging this chance to revamp the platform, we implemented changes to streamline navigation and enhance user interaction, ultimately providing a more intuitive and visually appealing experience for community members.

By combining the technical aspects of migration with a focus on user experience and design, we successfully transformed PlayStation Communities into a more dynamic and engaging platform, enriching the experience for PlayStation enthusiasts worldwide.

User journeys


This project presented a unique challenge in reconciling the divergent needs of the business and users. While the business sought to steer users towards self-service solutions rather than direct support inquiries, the user base encompassed varying preferences. On one hand, there were users who favoured effortless content discovery, while on the other, “hardcore” users sought to utilise the platform as a robust communication tool, engaging in private messages and threaded conversations.

Navigating this dichotomy required a nuanced approach. We prioritised aligning the platform’s functionality with the overarching business objective of promoting self-service solutions. Simultaneously, we incorporated features tailored to accommodate the preferences of both casual users seeking streamlined content discovery and more engaged users desiring robust communication capabilities.

By striking a balance between business imperatives and user preferences, we ensured that the platform catered to the diverse needs of its user base while fulfilling the overarching goal of driving self-service engagement.

Community mobile wireframes

Mobile designs

Desktop designs