is the main marketing tool used to promote PlayStation products. This included working on new products that sit under the site, including Support Hub, Communities, PlayStation Plus Rewards and many more.

During my time at PlayStation, there was a global redesign across the marketing division, which required a style update for the entire site.

To help continue the growth of the site; modules were constantly being updated and altered to help drive user engagement and to allow the content to feel rich and fresh.

Categories – User Testing, Wireframing, Prototyping, Research and Guidelines

Homepage multivariate testing

One of the large pieces of work that took place on, was optimizing the homepage due to it getting over 400,000 (14% of overall traffic) page views a week. This was broken down into 4 phases looking at how different elements of the page performed compared to the current and sometimes split testing the new designs.

Upon gathering all the testing results we were able to analyse which performed best and allowed us to update the live homepage to match this. As well as this we were able to test new modules and discover which would be beneficial to develop and be usable across the entirety of the website.

Mobile designs

Desktop designs

Mobile prototype

Feel free to play around with the interactive prototype above.

Module UX Specifications

Hero before and after

Module UX Specifications