PlayStation Plus Rewards

PlayStation introduced PlayStation Plus Rewards to provide an additional incentive for users to subscribe or renew their PlayStation Plus memberships. Extensive research was conducted to analyse successful strategies implemented by competitors and identify potential pitfalls. Ensuring a streamlined, rapid, and mobile-accessible process was deemed essential to enhance user experience and accessibility.

As an initiative based for European customer, leveraging insights and lessons learned from the region was integral to ensuring the success of the project. Gathering and incorporating their perspectives were vital steps towards achieving project goals and aligning with the preferences and behaviours of the target audience.

The success of this project hinged on meticulous attention to detail to meet the specific requirements of each locale. It was imperative to ensure seamless accessibility to new offers while maintaining clear signposting for users across all scenarios.

Requirements gathering

The primary objective of this system was to incentivize both new and existing users to either sign up for or renew their PlayStation Plus subscriptions. This initiative, driven by business objectives, empowered European territories to establish partnerships with third-party entities, facilitating cross-promotion of products and services.


The main purpose of this system was to incentivize new and current users to sign-up/renew their PlayStation Plus subscription. This was a business led initiative which would enable the territories across Europe to create deals with third parties and allow them to cross-promote products/services.

Information Architecture

Mobile wireframes

UX Specs

Mobile designs

Desktop designs